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Add Color to Your Wardrobe With These Plus-Size Winter Coats

Add Color to Your Wardrobe With These Plus-Size Winter Coats

What's the best way to brighten up winter? Zero in on the one piece of clothing that you absolutely have to wear at some point during the season: your winter coat. Sure, there are dozens of styles that are designed specifically with function and utility in mind. These are more practical than anything else, and while you undoubtedly need to stay warm in your coat, there's no reason you can't venture into more adventurous territories with a little assistance from something radiant and colorful. Here are a few styles worth keeping in mind to bring your cold-weather wardrobe to life.

Warm and Cozy in Fleece

Plus-size fleece jackets are an incredible addition to your wardrobe for the simple reason that they keep you totally warm all day long. It's the perfect choice when you don't necessarily need anything heavy or bulky to ward off the chill, but you do need something soft and cozy to ensure that you stay toasty as temperatures start to drop. Practicality aside, the fleece sweater coat is no slouch in the style department. It's available in a variety of phenomenal colors that play well with everything in your wardrobe. Slip into a rich navy heather for a polished and refined look that strays a bit from the standard black and gray neutral options, or opt for a sweet and plush pink when you want to warm up your days with something unexpected.

Eye-Popping in the Rain

You've got your work cut out for you in the rain. You're braving the elements, negotiating traffic like a pro and darting around in your trusty raincoat like it's no big deal. The least you can do to brighten things up is to select a plus-size rain jacket that adds a little spice and variety to your day. A squall raincoat is a great choice because it's available in a variety of brilliant hues that will instantly transform the spirit of your ensemble – and maybe even your outlook, if you're feeling a little bit down about the gray day and cloudy skies. A crisp blue reminiscent of turquoise channels a bit of lighthearted, relaxed fun and makes a great complement for your tried-and-true jeans and sneakers. A rich cherry is a more dominant shade that feels perfectly in line with the spirit of the season. You can think of red as something of a "new neutral." It has the surprising ability to pair well with almost anything, and if you love color you can easily wear it in place of the camels, browns and blacks that tend to overwhelm wardrobes throughout the coldest periods of the year.

Long and Lush in Down

When you're all bundled up in a long down coat, you're probably thinking more about the most practical way to ward off the chill and not so much about looking like a sartorial superstar. It just so happens that our lean down silhouettes make the grade with their beautiful array of eye-popping colors. You can easily make an emerald green work in your favor throughout the season simply by wearing it with everything you would normally wear, whether it's your favorite pair of jeans or tailored slacks at the office. Or slip into a dramatic amethyst and let the regality of the hue transport you to another world altogether. Rich and enigmatic shades of any kind work beautifully throughout the season, largely because jewel tones are so synonymous with the spirit of the season as a whole. And the beauty of a longer silhouette is that it tends to cover the majority of your body, so it's really making the biggest statement of all. Because the coats are designed with premium down filling, it will keep you ultra-toasty and cozy without adding unnecessary bulk and volume to your frame. That's key when all you want to do is look stylish!

Luxurious in Smooth Wool

Quality women's wool coats can never steer you wrong, especially when you use them to brighten up the rest of your outfit. In shades ranging from light blue to rich mulberry, wool coats span the rainbow – and add some warmth and richness to any look, no matter which color you prefer. Look for a longer length to provide you with greater coverage on chilly days, and opt for a style with a high neck to promote all-over comfort. Don't hesitate to step outside your comfort zone and into something decidedly unexpected. Normally wear black? Try green instead. Favor brown? Give mulberry a chance. It's all about options – and you might be surprised to find just how well the right shades mix and match with other key winter players in your closet. Wearing contrasting hues is an easy way to bring your looks to life all season long!

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