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Best Coats for Winter

Best Coats for Winter

Wherever the winter season takes you, be sure to stay warm and look fashionable in the process. The truth is winter months can be brutal with frigid temperatures, wind, sleet, and snow. So when the time comes to find quality winter coats, make sure it possesses equal parts fashion and functionality. Sound like a challenging task? No worries, my friend. We're sharing what to look for in a winter coat based on your needs and wants. The best winter coats will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable.

What Winter Coats Are in Style?

Are you ready to take on winter this season? Ready or not, it's coming, and you need to be prepared. Finding the perfect coat that meets your needs and budget is key. This year, we love all things puffer, parka, down, and fleece. Okay, okay, we know you might not want to buy one of each. So, be sure the one you select meets your needs. Ask yourself, do you want versatility or practicality? Do you want a short puffer jacket or a long down coat? Do you want a sporty peacoat that mixes well with everyday outfits, or are you looking to stand out with a long overcoat? With a variety of winter outerwear available, choosing one can prove difficult.

There are a variety of options to choose from. Each one has its benefits; think about which style checks off all of your boxes before making a decision. If you enjoy outdoor actives in the winter like skiing, hiking, or sledding, you'll need an active coat. Search for styles that are lightweight and breathable.

Make sure you can move around comfortably. Consider coats with added insulation like fun parkas or puffer jackets to withstand your outdoor adventures. Construction is key—these coats were made to take on extreme weather and wear and tear. But, if you're looking for more of a dressier winter coat option, take a look at wool coats, which come in a variety of styles, from signature accents to double-breasted designs, slim cuts, or longer styles that button up to the neck No matter what you choose, you're guaranteed a comfortable experience. As long as your coat is insulated well, you'll definitely experience winter this year a lot warmer and a lot happier, too, with points for convenience and easy storage. Ultimately, you decide what's in style for your needs.

Best Winter Coats for Men

You keep your thermostat at a consistent temperature, and your favorite sweaters are now in a constant rotation. Yep, winter is most certainly here. Whether you have dreams of riding the slopes with your friends or sledding with the kiddos this winter season, one thing is for sure—you need a men’s winter coat.

Down Coat

Down coats are an excellent way to stay warm on frosty mornings or chilly nights. These down-filled, weather-resistant, lightweight coats allow you to enjoy outside winter activities like skiing, watching a sports game, or traveling to a colder climate without feeling weighed down. Best of all, these fun down coats allow you to stay warm while the outer shell remains wet and dry quickly, so you don't have to worry about losing the signature fluff that is synonymous with this coat.

Puffer Coat

Maybe you're not looking for a long down coat. Perhaps a puffer coat fits you better. Take advantage of a snug puffer jacket, which is available in a variety of styles and colors. Like a full-length down coat, the puffer jacket delivers a just-right snug fit with superb insulation to ensure that warm air stays trapped in, and cold air stays out. So, whether you're walking the dog, brushing snow off your car, or throwing snowballs with the family, you are sure to be amazingly warm and comfortable.

Fleece Coat

Okay, so maybe you're not affected by artic-like temperatures. Perhaps your winter months only includes chilly weather and mild winds. Not to worry, we have you covered. Men's fleece jackets deliver plenty of coverage from the wind, rain, and occasional chill. They slip on over a warm sweater or thermal shirt for an additional layer of insulation. Grab a pair of gloves and your favorite beanie or cap, and enjoy where the day takes you.


When cold weather shows up, shield your body with a classic men's winter parka. Parkas are great for daily, practical wear, especially with their windproof fabric and high-fill-power down insulation. Did we mention versatility? Whether you're walking, enjoying the crisp air, or running errands throughout the city, this coat is an excellent option for ultimate winter protection. Feel free to add your style to the look by pairing this winter staple with sturdy men’s winter boots, thick winter scarves, and a knitted beanie of your choice to finish the look.

Peacoat and Overcoat

Every classic man needs an equally fashionable style, and a classic men's peacoat does not disappoint. Historically, these coats were designed for sailors to bare the cold temperatures and brisk winds at sea. Nowadays, this wool, double-breasted winter staple is equally suited for work attire, formal functions, and everything in-between. Overcoats are multifaceted. They can ward off cold weather thanks to their added length while simultaneously accentuating your outfit underneath. They effortlessly add character to an outfit and come in a variety of colors, textures, and styles.

Classic Squall Jacket

Maybe your winters aren't as cold, so you're looking for something lighter. Say hello to a classic winter squall jacket. This everyday coat delivers dry comfort in all conditions. The simple design is far from ordinary. The concealing knit cuffs on the sleeves and near the waist lock out cold air while the 360° reflectivity helps keep you visible when it's dark outside.

Best Winter Coats for Women

If the fall season is the beginning of sweater weather, then the winter season is most definitely warm coat weather. With cold temperatures plunging, now is a great time to choose a perfect women's winter coat that meets your needs and wants. It's time to select a cute winter coat that not only keeps you warm but accommodates your outfits too! Whether you're building snowmen in the front yard or navigating the cold while running errands around town, make sure the coat you select speaks to your functional and fashion needs.

Down Coats

You can't go wrong with a down coat that delivers optimal warmth and comfortability. The past-the-knee length blocks cold weather, while the soft down filling doesn't weigh you down. If you love wearing dresses year-round, you might want to consider a full-length down winter coat that protects your legs from blustery cold elements. A down coat that delivers mid-calf protection during bone-chilling winds is a game-changer. Add your favorite cozy hat along with a fun, chunky scarf, a pair of women’s winter boots, and a pair of women’s winter gloves, and you'll be ready to take on the cold weather temps throughout the day.

Sweater Fleece Coats

A once fall weather staple has made its way to the winter coat fashion lexicon. Sweater fleece coats deliver a needed balance of functionality, warmth, and style. Whether you're looking for a full-buttoned or zipper front, you're sure to have confident coverage while you run errands throughout the day. Depending on your neck of the woods, you may not require a super thick or long winter coat. Fleece coats produce an extra level of cozy layering to outfits. Handy pockets allow for stashing winter essentials, while the soutien collar adds a dainty element to this timeless, wintertime staple.

Puffer Coats

Are you always on the go? Are you looking for a warm coat that traps warmth in, but doesn't make you overly hot? A puffer coat may be the way to go. Down delivers the insulation you're seeking as well as maneuverability. If you like the idea of a puffer coat but are worried that your legs might still be a little chilly, consider adding a pair of women’s long underwear during outside winter activities.

Parka Coats

If you can't decide between a puffer or a down coat, a parka may be the answer to your winter coat needs. Not only will these long beauties keep you warm, but they are also water and windproof to ensure extra coziness. Whether you're playing outside with the kiddos, enjoying a morning walk, or just out and about on a Saturday morning, these parkas are an excellent option for cozy winter protection. Feel free to add your touch of style, like wearing a favorite sweater underneath with a pair of your favorite winter boots.

Squall Coats

Featuring windproof and waterproof details, these hooded jackets keep elements like snow, rain, sleet, and the cold out. Enjoy full insulation while you move through freezing temperatures. Did we mention the hood is fully adjustable, so your head and face can stay protected? Add your favorite beanie, gloves, and winter boots to complete the look. Bring on winter!

Wool Peacoats Coats

Go ahead and keep it classy with warm women’s wool coats. With a variety of lengths and styles to choose from, we have your fashion and warmth needs in mind. Whether you're looking for an everyday or weekend-ready peacoat, you are sure to be comfortable to brave the cold elements. Constructed from water-resistant material and ridiculously light and super warm insulation, these dainty gems far exceed expectations for a great winter coat. Lastly, a noticeable feature of a pea coat is the oversized, convertible notch collar that adds personality. Choose to leave it open or closed depending on the weather.

Best Time to Purchase a Winter Coat

Honestly, the best time to purchase a winter coat is right now, before you're into the thick of winter. If you wait too long, you risk the chance that the coat you want is unavailable in your area or size. If you see a coat that really sparks your interest, but you can't get it right away, be sure to keep an eye on it. If you notice it goes on sale, or the inventory is getting low, purchase that coat before it slips away.

The bottom line is whether you enjoy cold weather or not. Winter is most certainly coming, so make sure you are prepared. Purchase a coat that meets your style and climate needs. If you live in a state that gets a lot of snow, chances are your coat will come in contact with salt, slush, and snow, so be sure you purchase a machine-washable coat. When you begin shopping for men's or women's winter coats this year, whether for yourself or someone else, think about what you ultimately want out of the coat—functionality, comfort, and style.

Winter is here and staying for a while. Be sure to select a coat this year that speaks to your style. Lands’ End has a variety of warm-weather staples to choose from.

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