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How to dress to the nines when it’s nine degrees outside

Sometimes you layer up for a shindig, then you look in the mirror and find that there’s a completely different person caught behind six different layers of clothing. “Hello there, Snowperson. Pleased to meet you.” It’s hard to resist admitting defeat. But wait, there’s hope. You can cut back on those layers and still be as warm and stylish as you intend to be.

Thanks to the more recent advances in women’s winter parka craftsmanship we no longer have to dress up like French fur traders from the 1700s. Let’s say this much: we know you went all out for that outfit and since you dressed to the nines, you want to be prepared for the nine degree weather. We’ll help you get to fancy town.

Coat, check.

When in doubt go with the long down coat. Down coats are our warmest options so their main objective is to protect you from the elements and will support you as you proclaim yourself as the night’s fashionista. A long down winter coat has a two-way zipper that lets you vent from the bottom if you’re walking to your destination. Long strides are not restricted. Down is also a super lightweight insulator so you won’t feel overly burdened. It’s also the best at warming your core so you can travel far without feeling that brisk freeze coming at you. Sure your wool peacoat can tie the outfit together, but you’re going to want something that absolutely guarantees your warmth and style when temps take this sort of dip.

All ears.

You spent more time on your hair than you’re willing to admit. A hat seems like a dangerous option but you really don’t want to have to deal with frozen ears all night. The happy medium here is a fleece ear band so that your hair holds its form without a hat matting it all down. You want to bounce, and this small bit of fleece will guarantee that. It’s also not so thick as to stop all sounds, which is a plus on the walking safety scale.

Protect your neck.

Accessorizing does two valuable things: keeps you warm and pairs you well with that stunning outfit. A warm, women’s scarf does exactly that. Look for color options that match your velvet dress underneath. That way, if the destination feels as though it hasn’t paid a heating bill all season, you’ll be stylish and warm throughout the party. Look for Lands’ End scarves in a whisper soft, super affordable CashTouch blend, or luxurious cashmere scarf. Even a fashion scarf in a simple rayon knit provides warmth and style. Now that’s a wrap.

You look glovely.

Cashmere lined leather gloves with EZ Touch™ technology allow you to use your phone to get directions to the party and will keep you warm all the way there. When you arrive at your destination you’ll feel like a starlet as you take the gloves off, and you might say, in a transatlantic accent, “Darling, would you mind?” Honestly, you’re making us blush. If leather isn’t your thing, opt for a bright splash of color with women’s winter gloves. These soft favorites remain smart-phone friendly, while acting like a beautiful flag as you hail a cab.

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