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How to Style Leggings and Jeggings

How to Style Leggings and Jeggings

Leggings are everything. Just ask anyone who’s worn a pair! Clothes that fit well, look great, and are versatile enough to wear anywhere will always make the grade and earn a special spot in the closet. That’s definitely the case with this stretchy wardrobe staple that wears well with just about everything. The same goes for jeggings, which is essentially a pair of leggings with a denim-like appearance. If you have a tough time finding comfortable jeans or simply prefer to wear something with a bit more stretch, then you won’t find a solution more practical than a pair of jeggings.

How do you style these two workhouse wardrobe additions? Here are some suggestions to help you maximize their potential in your closet.

Give Leggings New Meaning

By nature, leggings fall on the casual end of the spectrum. But they aren’t strictly for the gym or your weekend errand runs. You just can just as easily redefine their place in your wardrobe by pairing them with something other than a sweatshirt. For example, a pair of sleek black leggings look great with an oversized boyfriend blazer and a crisp blouse underneath. Step into a pair of heels or suede booties, and you’ll be more ready for a night out than a morning run.

Skip the Cozy Sweats

Sure, a sweatshirt or a hoodie is a natural companion for a pair of jeggings or leggings. But if you want to try something fresh that’s still relaxed, try tucking a stylish blouse into your bottoms and throwing a casual jacket on top. The juxtaposition from one style to the next won’t be jarring if you opt for neutral colors. Keep your footwear simple—black booties or sneakers are always reliable choices.

Bring Out the Tunic

Tunics will forever be the most desirable top for a pair of leggings. What’s the big deal about this style top? It’s long, lean, and airy—all comfortable attributes that provide great balance for leggings and jeggings, which are naturally form-fitting. If you prefer something with additional definition, add a belt to cinch your waist and create a more refined appearance.

Wear Some Cozy Flannel

During fall, nothing speaks to the season’s requirement for warmer attire better than the classic flannel shirt. You can wear it buttoned up or leave it open with a lighter top underneath. Adding a belt in a contrasting color is a fun way to create a tighter silhouette. This is a great opportunity to wear your favorite knee-high boots to complete your cold-weather look.

Transition Your Summer Dresses

The turn of the season can be an unwelcome time if you don’t want to retire your summer dresses just yet. Leggings make it possible to pull off any of them with ease. You can still wear that cute mini dress—just pull on some leggings and throw a cardigan on top for a more cool-weather appropriate look. These bottoms can also double as tights if you want to wear something warmer and possibly even more comfortable than your usual hose and stockings. Break out the over-the-knee boots if you need a little extra warmth, or try a pair of wedge booties for a look that is chic and right on-trend.

Maximize Your Layering Power

With a pair of simple jeggings or leggings on the bottom, you can really play up what you choose to wear on top. Think in terms of both comfort and style. A striped T-shirt and a utility jacket, along with a pair of canvas sneakers, provide the elements of a perfect day-out ensemble. On a colder day, there’s nothing like a cozy cashmere sweater and a long down coat to help you brave the season’s chill in style. Finish with a pair of pointy-toe heels or sturdy block-heel boots for a stylish look.

Play With Different Lengths

Wearing opposing lengths on top is also an easy way to make the most of your jeggings and leggings. Since the bottoms are inherently simple, it’s easier than ever to try something unexpected on the top—such as a long, button-down shirt with a cropped denim jacket or faux leather moto jacket for additional warmth. Now is also a great time to wear that tunic with an asymmetrical hem, or the extra-long open cardigan that grazes your knees. Garments with complex cuts and silhouettes tend to look best when there’s nothing on the bottom that competes with them. Leggings and jeggings are ideal for that reason alone.

When added to your winter wardrobe, leggings and jeggings will get you through the cold season in style!

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