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How to Wear 3/4 Sleeve Tunics This Fall and Winter

How to Wear ¾ Sleeve Tunics This Fall and Winter

Something as simple as three-quarter sleeve tunics are actually garments that invite every woman to get in touch with her inner fashionista. Because it is such a versatile article of clothing, there are countless ways to style a tunic. If you’re not sure where to begin or you are just looking for new style ideas, you have come to the right place. Below, we have come up with a few ways to tastefully wear a tunic in a way that enhances the rest of the outfit.

With Lots of Bracelets (or Just a Watch)

A three-quarter sleeve tunic will show more skin than a long sleeve tunic. Take advantage of the extra space by accessorizing with bracelets. You could keep it minimal by just adding one small bracelet on one wrist, or have fun with it and add several flashy bangles. If bangles and bracelets aren’t your style, accessorize the look with a slender watch to create an understated, yet sophisticated outfit.

Skinny Jeans and Long Boots

As far as bottoms go, you really can’t go wrong with a pair of skinny jeans when wearing a tunic. Because a tunic is a loose, flowy garment, contrast the top with slender bottoms. Finish off the look with a pair of long boots and you have yourself one sharp-looking fall getup.

Wear it as a Dress

Wearing women’s tunic tops as a dress can be done. If, of course, it’s long enough. There are tunic shirts and then there are tunic dresses so if you do decide to wear a tunic as a dress, pair it with some stockings to cover your legs and keep them warm. A tunic dress can be worn with heels, boots, or flats, making it an ideal outfit for a holiday party.

Or With a Pair of Denim Shorts

If it’s an unseasonably warm fall day, it is possible to wear a tunic with a pair of shorts. Just be sure that the shorts can be seen underneath the tunic. This outfit can be finished off with a pair of sandals or a pair of ankle boots.

With a Jacket

A tunic will be longer than any jacket you wear it with and because of this, the bottom part of it will hang out of the jacket. With the wrong jacket, this pairing could end up looking disjointed and messy. But something like a floral or patterned tunic with a denim jacket will give off a very chic fall look.

Fully Tucked, Half-Tucked, Untucked, or Tied

All four work. If you are wearing high rise jeans and a button-up tunic, consider tying the tunic. You could also fully tuck the tunic into your bottom or just tuck half of it in. And if you aren’t sure of what to do, just stick to the classic untucked look.

With a Scarf

Be careful about how you style a scarf with a tunic. Something like a shawl wrap will be too bulky to look good with a tunic. However, a lightweight scarf, more decorative than functional, can look very flattering with a tunic. Wrap it around your neck and let the two ends of the scarf hang along the front of the tunic. Keep the scarf long to match the tunic. It will keep the look sharp and coordinated.

Accessorize with Plenty of Jewelry

If the tunic you’re wearing is patterned or designed with prints like florals, keep the jewelry to a minimum. However, a lot can be done with a solid-colored tunic. You can add a statement necklace with similar earrings and maybe a bracelet or two. Don’t forget to accessorize your hands with rings. When your tunic is a solid color like purple, black, or green, you can add lots of jewelry without it getting too overwhelming.

Basic Tunic Rules and Tips

In closing, we’ve come up with a few extra takeaways to help you artfully wear a tunic with your outfit. Wear a long, loose tunic with long, slender jeans. Straight leg jeans or skinny jeans look best. You don’t want to pair a loose tunic with baggy bottoms. You can wear a belt around a tunic, but if you do, leave off a necklace. This will just make the whole outfit look too busy and cluttered. Additionally, if you plan to wear a tunic with a skirt, just wear a tunic dress instead. Rarely, if ever, does a long, loose tunic look good with a skirt.

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