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plus size winter coats

Shop the Best Plus-Size Winter Coats This Holiday Season

In the market for a brand new plus size winter coat this season? You're starting off on the right foot by doing a little independent research before making a purchase. Finding the right coat that uniquely fits all of your needs is tricky business. There are so many factors to consider, one of the most important being style. So we've decided to help with that. We've come up with a few winter coats that every woman should have in her winter wardrobe at some point in her life. Maybe this year, you'll find one (or several) of them in your closet.

The Vest

Not just any vest. Not something drab and dreary and explicitly utilitarian, a clothing item designed to throw on quickly when you're taking the dog on a quick walk or dropping the kids off at dance class. No, we're talking about a women's winter vest with flair. Find yourself a colorful print vest to add to your fall and winter wardrobe. If you want something simple that will go with a multitude of outfits, opt for a black-and-white checkered vest, something you can wear throughout the holiday season with more festive tops and still get plenty of use out of it during the rest of the year. Although a black-and-white checkered vest is decidedly more versatile, it's always nice to have a vest that offers a splash of color in the midst of a cold, snowy winter. In these instances, why not brighten up the whole day (and your outfit) by sporting a colorful evergreen or wild cherry floral vest? Again, this is the type of vest that is particularly fitting for the holiday season, but you'll still get plenty of use out of it before and after. Finally, one of the best things about a vest is that you can wear it indoors without getting strange looks. So, go ahead and throw on that gorgeous print vest; it'll go smashingly with your outfit at the next holiday party you attend

The Faux Fur Hooded Down Winter Jacket

What's better than a down winter jacket? A down winter jacket with a (faux) fur hood. With this added feature, even if you forgot to grab a hat earlier in the day, you'll still be able to keep your head just as warm as the rest of your body. The outer shell is 100% polyester and comes with water-resistant coverage, so no matter how rainy or snowy it gets, those weather elements aren't getting through. And on the days when you don't need the hood or just aren't feeling it, you can easily detach it from the rest of the coat and put it back on whenever you need it later. The length of this coat goes to the hip and comes in multiple colors including black, ivory, purple, and green. This coat offers a flattering fit, thanks to its slimming shape and material designed for ease of mobility. A coat like this is designed for extended outdoor activity, so plan to wear it when you're taking the kids sledding or checking out a community winter festival.

The Three-in-One Squall Jacket

This is the jacket you'll wear when you and the hubby are going on an adventurous three-hour-long snow trek through the woods. Or the coat you wear when you are going on your solo snow run early in the morning. Though it's technically a raincoat, this squall jacket is designed to withstand temperatures as low as -5 degrees Fahrenheit. It's a waterproof and wind-resistant coat, so if you plan to spend a long time roughing it outdoors, this is the coat you want to be wearing. The cuffs and hoods can be tightened to seal the wind out and retain warmth. The fleece lining can be removed, allowing you to wear it on its own as a fleece jacket or just wear the outer shell instead. And of course, when the two jackets are combined, it creates a heavy-duty jacket designed to keep you warm and dry.

The Heathered Hooded Squall Winter Jacket

Gray though this jacket may be, it is in no way a dreary or bland piece of winter wear. The color is classic and sharp. The best part? It can be worn with anything and make the whole outfit look good. As stated in the name of the jacket, this one comes with an adjustable hood to keep your head protected on those particularly snowy days when a hat alone just doesn't cut it. The hood also comes with a visor, providing extra protection for the face. The jacket is windproof and waterproof, fully insulated, and made with 300-weight fleece lining. If all that doesn't start warming you up just reading about it, we don't know what will. You'll be all ready for the coldest winter day so long as you have this jacket on.