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Best Women's Jean Outfits for Work

Best Women's Jean Outfits for Work

Jeans have evolved over the decades. They aren't just for wearing around the house when you're doing yard work or you're at a summer picnic with the family. Indeed, jeans can be worn to work in a sleek and professional manner. Not sure how to do it? Here's how to pull off stunning jean outfits for work.

Mid-Rise Straight-Leg Jeans in an Unconventional Color

When anyone hears "jeans," their mind automatically goes to the classic blue jeans color. However, if you stray from what is conventional and venture into different colors, it can give your jeans a very professional, office-appropriate look. On top of that, straight leg jeans also exude more professional appeal than your standard skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans. A toasted rye color with a denim shirt looks crisp and gives you that “approachable, laidback, but means business” vibe. If you are feeling adventurous, skip the brown color palette and go for a fun color like deep mulberry or frosted spruce.

Black Is the New Black

Black is timeless. It will never go out of style. Black jeans are about as classic as blue jeans and are considerably more appropriate for the office. When you're in a rush and need to get dressed for work quickly, your go-to should be a pair of black jeans. If you really want to create a no-nonsense look, pair those black jeans with a black top. It's the easiest way to look chic and utilitarian, and the best part is, it'll only take you about a minute to put the whole look together. With black jeans, you can play with various fits and styles. One day, you could be wearing high-rise straight-leg ankle twill jeans with a blouse, and the next you could be wearing a pair of mid-rise skinny jeans with a tunic top. Even if you repeat the same black color for several days in a row, your outfit will look different every time.

Why Not White?

As long as you are confident that you can successfully wear a pair of white jeans for an entire day without spilling anything on them (or you have some Tide to Go in your purse), we say go for it. White jeans will make whatever you wear on top really pop. An off-white color will pair beautifully with a black and white striped shirt or a solid-colored sweater. For something simple and polished, put together the following outfit: white jeans, a fitted black tee, and a pair of black loafers. It's youthful yet timeless and is universally accepted as a chic look.

Blue Jeans

Depending on your workplace's casual Friday policy or the type of environment you work in, you may be able to get away with simply wearing a pair of good old fashioned blue jeans. The styling options are limitless when you wear blue jeans. There are so many shades of blue to choose from, ranging from faded blue to dark blue before you even start thinking about the fit. High-rise jeans always seem to give off a more slimming, clean-cut, and polished look than low-rise jeans, so consider sticking to that style for office wear. Skinny jeans look sharp with a denim jacket and a crisp white tee or an oversized sweater. At the end of the day, it all comes down to a matter of preference, and what fit of work jeans for women is most flattering on you.

Keep Your Footwear in Mind When Choosing Your Jeans

When deciding on what pair of jeans you will wear to the office, you must also keep in mind what you plan to wear on your feet. Flats always look great with low, mid-, or high-rise skinny jeans. You can never go wrong with a pair of ballet flats, loafers, or mules. If you want a little heel like a wedge, heeled mule, or bootie, wear them with straight leg jeans. During the fall or winter when you feel like wearing equestrian riding boots, pair them with black skinny jeans or black straight leg jeans.

Accessorize Minimally

Jeans are innately minimalistic and casual, so however you accessorize, your outfit should be the same. Stick to small, subtle jewelry. A small pair of studded or dangling earrings and a gold or silver chain necklace should do the trick. Maybe add a ring or two, but no more. Better yet, wear a sleek, slim watch. No flashy statement pieces. For your purse, anything goes. A clutch, mid-sized tote, crossbody bag, or oversized bag will all finish your casual office look nicely.

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