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Sheep Sweater - Story of Black Sheep Sweater | Lands' End

How a lost sheep led us back to this sweater

The whimsical black sheep, boldly facing the opposite direction from its other sheep friends, first made its appearance on a softer Supima® cotton sweater back in 2015. We sold out in seconds. Hundreds of sweaters gone almost as soon as we released the style. We heard from customers across the country who loved the unexpected design. For some, it perfectly personified “that friend.” For others, it became a wearable billboard for their make-their-own-path personality.

For one customer (we’ll call her Jamie to protect her identity), the sweater was the best gift she’d ever received. It was the perfect smile starter, every time she pulled it on. She knew she’d get comments, and loved telling the story over and over.

Then, in late 2017, Jamie’s prized sheep went missing. Here’s what happened. Jamie boxed up her belongings in preparation for a move. In the crazy chaos that followed, her sweater ended up in a “give away” pile. When her mistake was recognized, she drove to the donations drop off, shared her story with the understanding workers, and proceeded to sift through bag after bag, looking for her favorite sweater. No luck. One last hope: she wrote us a letter, asking if there was any chance we still had the sweater, tucked away in a corner? We searched. No luck. A few employees even offered to send her their own sweater, but our designers and merchants had a better idea.

“What if we had a new sweater specially made for Jamie?” Could we do that? Turns out we can. Our wonderful vendor had a single sweater recreated, just for her. In about a month, Jamie had the package in hand, completely shocked by its contents. Her tears of joy were all the payment we needed.

Jamie’s passionate story is one of our favorite stories to share. We use the same type of fun and whimsical prints on all of our Christmas Sweaters, so that every time you slip on your soft cozy sweater you have a smile on your face. So, whether you are looking for a festive sweater or a comfy cashmere sweater, shop today and pick up a sweater for yourself, and give one as a gift. We’re pretty certain it’ll be a huge hit.

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