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Is this the best men's quarter zip pullover in the world?

Here at Lands' End, we pride ourselves on offering products with purpose, made with attention to detail and priced (as our founder stated) fairly. Yes, you can find similar-looking items that cost less, but our guess is that they wouldn't last you nearly as long – at least if we based our guess on the stream of emails we get from customers who proudly share photos of 30-year-old items they're just now having to retire from service.

The sweater that isn't a sweater

A few years ago, men started to abandon the traditional wool V-neck sweater. Once de rigueur in every male's wardrobe, the V-neck was quietly being eschewed in favor of more casual options. Included among these was the cotton men's quarter zip pullover. Now ubiquitous, the quarter zip has found a home at work and at home, at a dinner out or a backyard BBQ.

The reason? It's easy to care for, comfortable to wear, and it's versatile: it looks good over a men's polo shirt or a men's tee shirt. And it's easy to care for.

Meet the Bedford Rib Men's Quarter Zip Pullover

When we decided it was time to introduce a quarter zip pullover of our own, we didn't want to compromise or settle. So we worked to develop a pure cotton French rib fabric that was soft AND durable. Brushed it to be extra soft. (To be honest, most men who order one end up commenting about how soft the fabric is.) We used combed cotton, the longer stronger kind, to help resist pilling, too.

As for styling, we wanted it to be the one you reached for first, so we ensured that it would help you look your best. That's why we also added a leather zip pull and a contrast pieced collar.

When we were satisfied, we named it Bedford. Just because.

Our Bedford Rib quarter zip pullover isn't flashy. Or fancy. But it is terrific. It'll go everywhere a sweater does, and one place a sweater can't: into the washer and dryer. Plus, it will serve you for years to come. How do we know? Because the one in our closet is over 5 years old and going strong.

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