Best Warm Winter Coats for Girls

The best warm winter coats for girls feature high-quality materials that will keep her cozy and snug all winter long. By looking for a few key features as you are shopping for a girl's coat, you can ensure she has a comfortable, warm, and stylish coat to see her through the season.

Decide on the Right Level of Warmth

The level of warmth is an important factor in choosing a girl's winter coat. The typical weather patterns in the area will help determine how warm the coat should be. Most girls need more than one coat—a lighter jacket for spring and fall and a heavier parka, waterproof winter jacket, or down alternative winter coat for what seems the longest season. Fleece jackets are also a great option to keep girls warm and can be worn under their winter coats when very cold temperatures hit, or you may want to opt for a cozy fleece-lined winter jacket. Look at the warmth level and temperature ratings for winter coats to decide on the warmest one for your little one's needs.

Consider Down Alternative Winter Coats for Girls

Down alternative winter coats are a great option for girls of all ages for several reasons. There's no worry about possible allergens with down alternative materials, plus they are warm yet lightweight. High-quality down alternative materials such as PrimaLoft® Insulation ThermoPlume® can be extremely warm, with some jackets even being warm enough to face temperatures of up to -28 degrees Fahrenheit. Down alternative coat styles are also easy to care for. They can easily be washed and dried without having to worry about drying them with tennis balls. There are also lighter down alternative coats that are still very warm.

Options for 3-in-1 Girls Winter Coats

What parent or caregiver doesn't love clothing that does double or triple duty? A 3-in-1 winter coat makes a great choice for girls because it lasts through all the seasons. These coat styles typically feature a lighter weight fleece jacket or other interior jacket and a waterproof, insulated shell that's ready for winter. Either jacket can be worn on its own to provide excellent warmth in fall and spring, and then zipped together for the perfect winter coat. A 3-in-1 coat provides versatility and can even save money because you have coats for all season in one great style.

Look for Water-Resistant Coats

One of the biggest factors in keeping girls warm in wet, rainy, and snowy conditions is a coat that will keep them dry. Look for waterproof winter coats that won't allow snow to seep into the coat. This will ensure that the interior of the coat stays toasty and children won't be chilled or wet. An additional advantage to waterproof winter coats is that they also help block the wind, which is another big factor when cold temperatures hit.

The Difference Is in the Details - Hooded Coats, Multi Pocket Coats, or Snow-Winter Coats

The details of girls' winter coats can make a big difference when it comes to warmth. There are lots of details to consider with different coat styles to make sure your little one gets the warmest winter coat and doesn't feel winter's chill.

Go for Machine-Washable Girls' Coats

Let's face it—girls are going to get their winter coats dirty at some point. Whether it's mud or debris from playing outdoors, food or drink spills, or some other mess, it's essential to have a winter coat that can easily be washed in your home washing machine. A quick wash according to the care instructions, and your little girl is ready to go again.

Decide on Coat Color and Pattern

Girls want a coat that looks stylish, and there are plenty of options in today's winter coats. From fun floral patterns to two-toned options to bright solids, there is something for every little girl to choose from. The actual cut and style of the cut can also play a role. There are all types of looks, from long girls' winter parkas with faux fur accents to cute winter bomber jackets for girls.

Every girl needs a great winter coat. Look for stylish, cozy options that will keep her warm all winter long, and don't forget to top it off with a fun winter girls' hat so make sure all your bases are covered.