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Best Outfits for Backyard Barbecues

Best Outfits for Backyard Barbecues

Ah, the iconic backyard barbecue. A classic summer occasion for family, friends, and neighbors to gather for an evening of delicious food, camaraderie, and a marvelous outdoor experience. The best things in life really are the simple things, and if you want to make more room in your own life for unforgettable memories, host a backyard barbecue or two.

After you get the food and planning logistics all squared away, it’s time to think about what to wear. Fortunately, a backyard barbecue is a very informal affair, so you won’t have to put too much thought into it. Still, it’s a great opportunity to show off a cute, casual outfit like a petite maxi dress or a stylish pair of capri pants. If you are stumped on what to wear, here are a few great outfit ideas.

Denim Jeans and a White Tee

If you want to keep your look low-maintenance, throw on a womens' jeans and white-tee combo. It’s the kind of outfit you can throw together when you don’t have much time to hem and haw over what outfit to wear, but still want something that will look effortlessly stylish. The best part of this classic combo is that there is so much room for variety. You could stick to denim boyfriend jeans and a crisp white tee, or skinny blue jeans and an oversized white tee. Alternatively, you could wear long flare jeans with a white tank top, and accessorize it with a chic belt. If it’s going to be a blisteringly hot day, opt for denim capris instead. And because it’s summer, the best footwear options include flip flops or strappy sandals.

A Cotton Tank and Chino Pants

Another fabulous casual summertime look is the cotton-tank-and-chino-pants combination. A cotton tank top is an easy, comfortable article of clothing that looks sharp and stylish with little effort. When it comes to cotton tank tops, you can choose from a variety of colors and designs. There are solid-colored tanks, striped tanks, and floral tanks, all of which look flattering at a backyard barbecue.

By pairing an eye-catching tank top with a pair of neutral chino shorts or capris, you can create an appealing, summery outfit that looks great on any woman. Finish the outfit with a pair of strappy sandals and small accessories like a pair of cute earrings and that’s all you need!

A Flowy, Comfy Sun Dress

A colorful, casual midi sundress is a great way to brighten up an already sunny summer day at a barbecue. You could also opt to wear a maxi dress if you want something a little more striking, but still relaxed and comfortable. There are so many options among summer dresses that you should be able to find something stylish and comfortable, especially if you are hosting the barbecue and will be preparing food and moving around a lot. There are also so many fit options, materials, styles, and designs to consider when picking a summer dress. A sleeveless cotton dress in a soft pink color or floral design makes for a great backyard barbecue outfit, and the fabric is just what you need to stay comfy.


Because a backyard barbecue is such an informal affair, there’s no need to bother with high fashion or intricate outfits that will make you uncomfortable the whole time. Still, you can maintain a level of sophistication akin to that of Jackie O by picking an outfit with luxuriously soft fabric such as linen. A linen blouse or pair of linen trousers will be perfectly chic for your summer wardrobe, yet won’t look out of place at a backyard barbecue. The material is flexible and unrestricted, so you will be able to move around with ease. Pair a linen sleeveless shirt with linen ankle pants.

Complete the look with your favorite sandals. Because linen makes for such a great foundation for your outfit, you can accessorize it as you like. A flowy scarf or gorgeous necklace both work well as accents to make your whole outfit pop.

Although all these options will make for lovely summer outfits, there’s no need to limit yourself to these ensembles, especially when it comes to dressing for a backyard barbecue. You can play around with a combination of any of these wardrobe selections or explore others to come up with the ultimate backyard barbecue outfit that most accurately represents your personal style. At the end of the day, all you really need is an outfit that will make you look and feel great the whole time.

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