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Simple But Spooky Halloween Decor To Put Up in a Flash

Simple But Spooky Halloween Decor to Put Up in a Flash

When it comes to the haunted season, you’ll want to get into a festive mood. However, you don’t need to be a DIY guru to make this year’s Halloween decor truly magical. In fact, there are several ways to quickly decorate your home for Halloween. Here are a few of our favorite quick and easy Halloween decorations that will have you haunting in a flash.

Weave Some Webs

One of the easiest Halloween decorations is fake spider webs. Simply buy a pack of fake cotton webs and stretch them over corners of your house, doors, windows, fencing, whatever else you’d like to have a spooky feel. Opt to buy sustainable cotton webs for easy cleanup and to limit the use of plastic. You can also opt to make your own webs with yarn by stringing up a pinwheel shape of yarn across an area by cutting strips and tying them together. Then connect the strips with more yarn strings to make the shape of a web. Put in pipe cleaner spiders or other spooky things for an added effect. String it behind some outdoor chairs and use spooky throw pillows as an accent to complete the look.

Light Up the Night

Light strings don’t have to be reserved for Christmas. They make spooky string lights too! You can purchase pumpkin lights, orange lights, and purple lights for a haunted accent that twinkles under the full moon. Collect as many string lights as you wish and put them up around doorways, windows, or across a patio to set the mood. Lights are an excellent way to brighten up any holiday party, so string up lights for your Halloween bash. You can even place them around the food table for an added ambiance.

Spooky Sheets

You don’t need to rush out to the store to grab the most expensive Halloween decor you see to get into the season. Simply hang up some bed sheets with a spooky theme. You can use these sheets as decor for a haunted house, make ghosts by hanging them over coat racks, or even use them as tablecloths in a pinch. Or simply decorate your kid’s bedroom with a sense of spook. Use oranges, blacks, purples, and whites or opt to purchase patterned sheets that feature jack-o-lanterns, witch hats, and bats. Throwing up some sheets over a large bookcase or a blank wall instantly brings on the Halloween vibes.

Pumpkin Patches

So you can’t decorate for Halloween without having at least one pumpkin. As a trademark of the holiday, one of the easiest fall decor items is a small pumpkin patch. You can get creative here with a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. You can even add other elements such as dried Native American corn varieties, fall leaves, and other festive autumn accents. These decor items are excellent if you want to keep your decor up throughout the fall. For a spookier vibe, you can paint pumpkins or decorate them with paper to create fun variations, like a cat pumpkin, a bat, or funky fresh geometric designs. Of course, you can always go the classic, more traditional route and carve your pumpkins too! Place storage baskets upside down to create tiers for your display.

Get Batty

Use construction paper to decorate your door. Create a Halloween-themed scene with cut-out bats, witch brooms, and pumpkins. This easy DIY door lets you get haunted without too much effort. You don’t need to get too fancy either. Simply use silhouette shapes (you can even trace them from images you find online) to create a fun yet spooky scene to set the tone. Decorate your front door or your kid’s rooms for a fun, festive effect.

Make Mummies

You can mummify virtually anything — a drink bucket for a party, your door, furniture, or anything else you’d like with a little gauze. Just wrap the item and tie it off. Use fleece throws to add to the spookiness. Since the fleecy material also mimics mummy wrap, you can keep your furniture cozy while upping the spooky vibe in your main living space.

Dress the Windows

Window dressings are another simple way to decorate for Halloween. You can purchase stick-and-peel decor that easily sticks to your windows. Create a festive scene with black cats, bats, and ghosts. Frame the window with lights and use party streamers for a backdrop. The result is a DIY scene that the whole family can help put together.

Transform Your Washroom

If you’re having a Halloween bash, decorating your washroom is an excellent finishing touch on the party atmosphere. Use spooky candles and Halloween-themed towel sets to get into the Halloween spirit. You can even purchase some pumpkin-shaped soaps to really go all-out.

Decorating for Halloween doesn’t need to be difficult. With a few easy DIY Halloween decor items, you’ll be feeling haunted in no time. Pick and choose decor items that suit your style and budget for a Halloween bash that everyone will remember.

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