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Mix and Match Bedding Ideas for You This Season

Mix and Match Bedding Ideas for You This Season

Feeling tired of rotating through the same old bedding season after season? Add a little life to your boudoir by mixing and matching your linens in new ways. You can combine different colors and patterns, or even different materials. And when your bed looks beautiful, you'll love slipping under the blankets with a good book every night. Here are a few of our favorite mix and match bedding ideas.

Stick to the Same Color Family

When shopping for the softest bed sheets, look for ones that go together well. Colors of the same intensity tend to look nice side by side, like dusty rose and cornflower blue in the summer, and deep red and green at Christmas. If you worry about things clashing, consider buying everything in the same hue, but in different patterns and styles. That way, any combination will please.

Keep to One Shade

Different shades of the same color can also look great together. Try sheets, blankets, and pillowcases in different blues or purples. Brighten things up in summer by going for an all-white look. A true classic, white bed sheets always look crisp and inviting. A pillow with brocade or a funky trim perks things up, too. If you want things to pop, add a single throw blanket in another color.

Play Around with Patterns

Combining different patterns might seem intimidating. After all, you don't want your bedroom to induce a headache! Break up a bold fitted sheet and blanket with a solid-colored sheet between them. And remember to vary pattern sizes; if everything is teeny-tiny, your room will look too busy. You can also play it safe by starting with striped queen-size sheets. Almost anything goes well with them, including a paisley comforter or floral pillowcases in spring. Everything will look stylish and your friends will think you have a natural talent for home décor. Mix and match bedding sets do wonders to up your interior design game!

Tame Your Kid's Room

Your little one probably loves sheets featuring popular TV and movie characters, but you don't want their room to look like a cartoon explosion. Combine some novelty print sheets with a few pieces in basic colors to keep them happy. Sheets featuring their favorite superhero can be hidden under a warm wool blanket or a light comforter. Tuck pillows covered in a beloved movie heroine's face underneath a few plain ones. They'll be happy and so will you.

Take on Different Textures

Different textures can create a feast for the eyes. A smooth and silky duvet contrasts wonderfully against a chunky woven blanket. Percale sheets keep your old quilt from looking tired and worn out by adding a hint of luxury. Your bed skirt is an easy way to make a statement; try one with a playful fringe or delicate embroidery. A few throw pillows covered in sequins or beads will mix things up, and add a little color to a drab winter day.

Launder with Care

No matter what bedding combinations you play around with, never wash dark and light sheets together. The light sheets can diminish the intensity of deep colors, and they might end up stained. Keep them separated and aim to wash them every two weeks to make things extra fresh.

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