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How to Style Your Classic Christmas Sweater

How to Style Your Classic Christmas Sweater

Finding a great Christmas sweater is the easy part when you’re perusing the options at Lands’ End. With all these holiday event invites flooding in, you’re going to want to put your sweater to good use while mixing it up with some creative flair.

Button Up

The crew neck isn’t a style; for many of us, it’s a way of life. Use its flexible look to your benefit. Try a flannel shirt underneath that matches the sweater. Either plaid or solid, the flannel will pull together comfort and style. Otherwise, there’s the option to wear a solid-colored button-down shirt. Lands’ End has plenty of color options to add that extra touch to the look you’re going for.

Have a Christmas Cardigan?

Apply the same rules with the crew neck sweaters but expect a looser comfort around your neck with one fewer button buttoned. In this case, you should wear a V-neck undershirt to avoid clashing with the natural “V’ shape of your cardigan. Plus that necklace wants to enjoy the party as much as you do.


While most turtles are waiting for winter to pass beneath the ice, your turtleneck is looking forward to the smell of apple pie, the crackling fireplace, and the holiday cheer. A solid white turtleneck can be that extra bit of warmth when you expect you’ll be going to a holiday party at the infamous Arctic tundra…a.k.a. Bob’s house. Even if somebody else is wearing a white turtleneck, you get to show off your unique Christmas sweater in all its glory.

While the sweater is representing your style up top, you can play around with plenty of other options below.

Pants / Jeans

Since black goes with (almost) everything, your Christmas sweater will go along with leggings, chinos, and jeans. However, those brown flats have been looking for a little bit more love and would go great with white, tan, red, green, or any other pair of multi-colored jeans. We know the bolder pants get left behind more often than they should, so the holidays are a perfect time to give them a chance.


Velvet is the most trusted holiday material. Lead the holiday sing-a-longs with a velvet skirt. Or opt for a more casual, stylish moment. Pair five-pocket velvet jeans with your Christmas sweater and you’re there.

Matching Socks

You’ve got red, green, reindeer print, string lights wrapped around the ankle, argyle patterns, and all different kinds of socks to match your Christmas sweater to the occasion. After you get a compliment on your sweater getup, reveal those cheery socks too. Extra tip: if you have a bunch of holiday socks that are all lonesome from a tumultuous laundry year, it may not hurt to mismatch.

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