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Men's Squall

The outerwear chronicles: the legend of the Squall® Jacket

Outerwear season is upon us! And with it, one simple question keeps popping up: is the Squall® Jacket the best money can buy, or is it the best men's coat ever in the history of the universe as we know it?

The answer to both questions is: YES!

The history of Squall

Here at Lands' End, we've been offering Squall® Jackets since 1983. Our fall catalog described it this way: "The Squall – a nylon/bunting jacket that keeps you warm and dry, dries fast after a dunking. Maybe the most functional jacket we've ever sold."

And boy, were people eager to get their hands on a nylon/bunting jacket that was also functional! It sold like cakes that are hot. In fact we almost ran out of bunting that year. But then we got more bunting, so the next year we could sell the new IMPROVED Squall® Jacket – now with TWICE THE BUNTING!*

Since 1983

Over the years, we've tinkered, improved, but never strayed far from the original concept: a functional coat that keeps you warm and dry, stuffed with as much bunting as we can put between two sleeves.

Today's Squall Jacket adds 360 degree reflectivity so you can be seen more easily by others; plus a taller collar stand to protect your neck from those pesky drafts.

The family has grown

Today's Squall lineup for men includes the Classic Squall Jacket, Squall Parka, the Squall System, Squall Stadium Coat, Squall Military Jacket, Lightweight Squall Jacket, Lightweight Squall Parka, Sherpa Lined Classic Squall Jacket, and the Sport Squall Jacket. Even Squall mittens, hats and men's snow pants.** There are even more options for women and children!

Different Squalls, different features

Certain Squalls are seam-sealed to be waterproof; all resist wind thanks to the outer shell. Some have hoods, some have more insulation than others to provide more warmth in more extreme weather conditions. Some Squalls have so many pockets that you could fit a year's supply of cookies in them and have room left over for a gallon of milk.***

With all these options, surely there's a Squall Jacket or other member of the Squall family in your family's future.

*I may have made that up.
** I am not making that up.
***I totally made that up.