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Top 10 All-Time Fall Favorites

Top 10 All-Time Fall Favorites

Once fall hits your town, you can feel it all over. The decorations, the grocery store selection, the schools are fully back in session, and those perfect blue sky days have a distinct crispness that always reminds you of other great days in past years. While this is a season that has a little bit of everything, let's take a look at the parts we love most.

Fall Access Pass to All the Clothes in Your Wardrobe

Which other season can you have a weekend where you go from a summery dress and sandals to a denim jacket and knit hat? Fall is the greatest because you get full access to everything in your closet.

You get a couple overlapping weekends of whatever summer has left. Then it's sweater weather and jacket season. By the time it's winter you've already given your warmest coat a go. From sweaters to winter snow boots, you can make your wardrobe into a season of sampling.

Baseball Calls for Sweaters and Caps

When it's baseball post-season, we're officially in the sweater weather of sports. Imagine having to wear pants and high socks throughout the hot summer. All that hard work pays off for these baseball players when the fall weather comes rolling in. And you're there in your baseball hat and cozy sweater, ready to see who gets to the championship.

Flannel Shirts are in Their Heyday

While you might find people ranting and raving about sweaters, you're likely to find a flannel button-up shirt underneath as well. And more often than not, you'll opt-in for flannels as often as you can.

The flannel shirt is such a staple that we do everything in it: raking, mowing, gardening, grocery shopping, hiking, driving, dropping the kids off at practice, heading out to a show…it's a shirt that does it all, just like you.

Weekend Adventures

While many of us have recreated some of those rustic farmhouse charms in our own homes, we're not all living way out there in the country. Getting in the car for a quick escape is one of our favorite fall activities. Take the county roads, find a quaint lakeside town, and pretend like you don't have to work on Monday morning.

Turtlenecks to Keep You Out of Your Shell

Oh yes, turtlenecks are back in action and when you have events to get to, you're sporting a turtleneck as often as you can. Pair it with a jumpsuit, a skirt, chinos, what have you: it's the slimming look that's guaranteed to keep you warm.

Starving for Scarves

While the turtleneck does a fantastic job setting the standard for neck warmth, scarves perfect it. Scarves are in their prime during the fall season. Any scarves you don't want can go to the Halloween scarecrow or the future snowman.

When Farmers Markets are at Their Prime

How are you supposed to enjoy the fall if you don't help yourself to a ton of apple cider and donuts? It's a staple. Even then it's harvesting season and what's better than a week's worth of fresh meals? Head to the farmers' market and get ready for peak produce season.

Perfect Pajama Weather

You can hop into your best flannel pajamas in the fall and not have to worry about that summer heat. You can pretty much designate Sundays to breaking in the new pajamas too. Grab yourself some slippers and you're now the mayor of comfort city.

Knit Hats

Nobody in the Midwest has ever made it through November without a knit hat. It's as important as wearing boots. Find your best knit hat and make it shine.

Checking the Weather Every Single Day.

You know the routine: wake up, wonder what to wear, check the weather apps. Sometimes you want to prepare your clothes for the week, sometimes that's impossible. So with this fall ritual in order, each day is in its own way, a surprise. And we love surprises.

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