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Holiday Party Idea: Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

Looking for a casual holiday party idea that brings families together? For a fun and nearly effortless get-together, consider hosting a party with a Christmas pajama theme! From cute women’s pajamas to kids cozy PJs, everyone will be cozy and festive.

Plan a Stress-Free Matching Family Christmas PJ Party

Having to get all dressed and forcing kids into uncomfortable dress clothes is no way to spend the holidays. Instead, a pajama-themed party will leave everyone breathing a sigh of relief and enjoying family, friends, and the warmth and joy of the holiday season in comfort.

First, plan the date for the party and mail or email invitations several weeks in advance. Specify that guests should wear their matching family PJs. It may also be helpful to include ideas for families who don’t have completely matching family pajamas, such as wearing pajamas of the same color or with a similar pattern or theme.

Keep the Food Low Key

Since this is a laid-back event, keep the food simple. A potluck is a great idea; ask guests to bring a favorite Christmas dish to share. Have a simple snack bar and hot cocoa bar that guests can nibble on throughout the night. Order pizza and pair it with a festive Christmas punch to keep things casual and low-key. Or, skip the meal and focus on dessert. Coordinate a cookie swap or just ask everyone to bring a dozen of their favorite Christmas cookies or desserts to share. Supply the milk and hot chocolate, and you’re all set.

Add a Few Simple PJ Party Decor Items

Just like the food, the decorations should be relaxed and fuss-free. Add lots of pillows to sofas and chairs and roll throw blankets to place in small stacks throughout the party area. Throw in some simple DIY decorations, like a row of “Zzzzzzz’s” cut out from card stock and taped on the wall. Place stick-on glow-in-the-dark stars or strings of white lights up around the room. Place personalized Christmas stockings around the room, and let guests take one home at the end of the night.

Things to Do at a Pajama Christmas Party

Everyone will be warm and relaxed in their flannel pajamas, and guests may be content to just sit around in the cozy atmosphere and chat. However, to enhance the party and add to the fun, plan activities that will keep everyone enjoying the evening. Some ideas for things to do at a holiday family PJ party include:

  • Have a book or white elephant gift exchange. Consider talking to guests in advance to make sure there are age-appropriate options for kids.
  • Have a cookie-decorating station and invite guests to decorate cookies however they’d like.
  • Have a Christmas movie marathon with classics and new movies available for guests to vote on.
  • Come up with a number of fun one-minute party game challenges in which guests can participate.
  • For families with young kids, have a station where parents and kids can create felt cut-outs of favorite characters, and then a felt board background where they can act them out.
  • Play Christmas versions of classic party games, like pin-the-carrot-nose-on-the-snowman or pin-the-nose on Rudolph.
  • Hold a Christmas scavenger hunt or treasure with families in teams.
  • Play unwrap the present. Wrap a small gift like a chocolate bar in several layers of wrapping paper, and pass it around the circle with music going. When the music stops, the person holding the present unwraps one layer.
  • List different Christmas characters on index cards and have a Christmas guessing game where one team acts out the character and the other team guesses.
  • Create an ornament-making station. Get a base ornament, some craft glue, and some fun craft decorations and let families make and take an ornament. Or whip up a batch of salt dough and let families have fun creating salt dough ornaments to hang on their trees.
  • Have an adult dress up as Santa and pass out candy canes or small books to kids.
  • Have a gingerbread house competition. Have families race to construct and decorate a gingerbread house.
  • Task each family with coming up with the craziest Christmas story ever. Have each family tell it or act it out and vote on the funniest one.
  • Tap into the holiday giving spirit and ask each family to bring a toy to donate to the local toy drive.

Christmas Pajama Party Favors

Thank your guests for coming to the Christmas matching family pajama bash with a fun party favor. Consider cute sleep masks with a simple theme, a Christmas-themed mug with a pack of hot chocolate or a Christmas-themed pillowcase (roll it and tie it with ribbon for a decorative look) will all make great favors.

Other ideas include girls’ or boys’ slippers or sleep socks, a throw blanket for each family that attended, a throw pillow with a Christmas print and stuffed animals for kids. Or, use a fabric marker to draw closed eyes on a small paper or fabric favor bag, and fill it with treats like assorted teas, Christmas cookies or Christmas candy.

Make It a Tradition!

Hosing a pajama-themed family gathering for the holidays is a lot less stressful than a formal party. Everyone gets fun and family time, and the hostess can also relax and enjoy her time. Make it a fun new tradition to get together in Christmas PJs for a party every year.

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