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Quick bedroom refresh with a duvet change  | Lands' End

Quick bedroom refresh with a duvet change.

Overhauling your whole bedroom can seem a bit daunting. What if all you had to do was make one or two simple swaps to change the vibe of your dream cave? Oh, it can be done. Follow these easy tips for an end result you'll have time to enjoy.

First things first: what is a duvet?

A duvet (pronounced doo-vay) is a top-of-bed cover, usually a quilt, filled with synthetic or natural materials. It's usually protected with a removable cover, similar to a pillow case. A duvet cover allows you to keep your duvet in its best condition while giving you the chance to update the look of your bedroom. Changing your duvet cover is also less expensive than buying a whole new quilt.

What colors work best in a bedroom?

Let's start with identifying a key base color. What is your favorite bedroom neutral? White? Cream? Tan? Navy? Light Pink? (Yes, navy and light pink are both neutrals.) Decide on a base color and incorporate it as your starting point. A cotton duvet with a floral print and a cream background gives you the power to change pillows, sheets, and throws when the mood hits you. Make it a solid cream duvet cover and you can switch out just your shams and pillow cases from spring florals to holiday plaids.

How can I tastefully add interest to my bedroom décor?

It really is the little things that make the biggest difference sometimes, isn't it? You'll notice the impact of shams with great stitchwork details. If your bedroom partner isn't a fan of frou-frou prints, stick to bold solids and have some fun with monogramming. "Good" on one pillowcase and "'" on the other. Or "My Side" on one sham and "Your Side" on the other might be the perfect bit of whimsy your space requires.

Carry the bedroom color scheme into the master bathroom.

If your bedroom has an en suite, make sure the updates carry into this space. A fresh set of bath towels and a new bath mat that pick up the colors of your new duvet cover are really all you need. See? It doesn't have to be difficult.

When commitment issues are kind of your thing.

Do nail holes in the wall make you cringe, yet have pieces you'd love to display? In the bedroom, everything follows your bedding's lead. A perfectly noncommittal way to up your bedroom's fab factor is to purchase colorful frames that coordinate well with the less noticeable colors hiding in your bedding. That pinstripe, the leaves on your floral pattern...those are your go-tos. Instead of hanging your framed pieces, lean that gorgeous framed art against the wall and display it on your bedside table or dresser top for all the glam and none of the bam. Your new duvet cover really can springboard all sorts of simple, creative changes.

Not everything you welcome into your bedroom's design needs to last forever. Bring some pieces in to your bedroom knowing full and well that their time is limited. If you have soft floral bedding, wouldn't a fresh bouquet switched out weekly bring the entire bedroom up a notch? What bedroom updates do you like best? Share your ideas with us.

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