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How to Style a Shawl

How to style a shawl

You should always have a beautiful shawl close at hand. A true fashion multi-tasker, they can be worn so many different ways and instantly add some spark to even the simplest of outfits. And of course, they feel so nice and soft, which you’ll appreciate all the more on those chilly fall and winter days when you need something nice to snuggle up with.

The classic wrap-around

If you’re tired of wearing nothing but a long-sleeve tee and jeans every day, upgrade your outfit by adding a stunning shawl. Experiment with patterns and styles to find something you love (stripes and plaid can be a fun combo, and paisley is always nice) and then fold your shawl in half, forming a triangle shape. Next, lay it across your chest, pulling each end around the opposite side of your neck. It’s simple, it’s classic and it’s oh-so cute.

Just add a belt

Slip into your favorite turtleneck, skinny jeans and leather boots before taking an oversize shawl and draping it across your shoulders so much of it hangs down in front. Next, grab a thin leather belt and cinch it around your waist, securing the shawl in place, and bam – you have a great outfit. Just make sure your shawl is made from thin fabric, like silk or a light cotton weave, or it might look too bulky and lumpy.

With your favorite coat

Though scarfs and shawls are usually worn under a coat, you can change it up for a stylish twist. After putting on a wool coat (a puffer or parka won’t work), grab a shawl and drape it across your shoulders, letting it fall across your chest. This is a good look to wear with high-heeled boots and skinny jeans, as you’ll want to appear long and lean to avoid looking like you’re drowning under excess fabric. Carry a bag with a small handle that can be worn across your elbow and add a wide-brimmed fedora if you’re in the mood for a hat.

Roll it up

When the weather is on the warm side, but you can’t bear to leave your favorite shawl at home, fold it in half, creating a large triangle. From the top, start rolling it down toward the triangle’s point until it forms a sort of tube. You can drape this over your neck and leave it to hang down on either side, which looks pretty with a blazer and a light sweater. You can also wrap it around your neck once or twice, pulling it as tight as you like to stay cozy.

Over the shoulders

Cardigans are great and should definitely be part of your fall and winter wardrobe. However, they can get a bit dull when worn day after day, so mix things up and try a shawl instead. Simply wear it over your shoulders and pull the ends under your arms so your hands are free. This is a great way to rock a shawl when travelling, as you’ll always have something to cuddle up in if you get cold on that long flight.

Add some texture

For an outfit that pops, use a beautiful shawl to add some texture. A chunky knit sweater contrasts perfectly with a silk shawl worn wrapped around your neck. And a wool shawl works just as well with a simple cotton turtleneck, tunic or dress. For a little drama, wear black faux-leather leggings along with a black top and boots. Finally, toss a richly textured shawl across your shoulders to break things up and add that unexpected something to your outfit.

Highlight your locks

Embrace the beauty of autumn by wearing a big sweater with some jeggings and your favorite ankle boots. Then, take your shawl and loosely wrap it around your neck, letting the ends hang down in front. But make sure your hair is tucked into the shawl – gently shake and twist your head to loosen it up a little and create a look that’s equal parts cool and romantic. If you like, pull out a few tendrils and let them hang freely.

The shoulder warmer

For a classic look, fold your scarf in half and pull it across your shoulders tightly. Tie it in the center of your chest or secure it with a pretty clip if you like. This style looks good with almost anything, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Wear it over a pea coat, a turtleneck sweater or just your favorite dress for a simple, stunning outfit everyone will love.

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